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Discover Downtown With Will & Marq

Will & Marq

Main Street is open for business… and so much more!

Meet Will and Marq—William Digby, who founded the great city of Lafayette, Indiana and his companion, none other than the Marquis de Lafayette, the man whose moniker stamps our town. Join the dynamic duo as they roam this great city of ours and explore all that downtown has to offer. Don’t miss a single installment of The Adventures of Will & Marq video series brimming with adventure, intrigue, romance—OK, maybe not that last one. #WillandMarq


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Let us help you dive into Downtown. In the mood for a show or on the hunt for a unique gift? We’ve got you covered. Whether you want to dine at a cozy table for two, or you’re looking for the perfect meet-up for drinks with friends, where the party never ends, we’ll help you find it.