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What is the project timeline?
The entire Main Street construction project has been divided into 8 Phases. Phase 1 began back in March 2016. We are now underway on Phase 3, which will see upgrades to the south side of Main Street between 10th Street and 11th Street, the west side of 11th Street from Ferry Street to Main Street, and both sides of 10th Street from Ferry Street to Columbia Street. Feel free to check on the progression in the Project Section of the website.
How will my business be affected during construction on my block?
Downtown remains Open for Business! When construction is complete, the look and feel of Main Street will encourage more people to check out the shops and restaurants. Until then, this website, the large “Open for Business” signage and your communication with your patrons will be the best ways to keep business rolling during construction.
Will I or my customers be able to get to my business?
Absolutely, you and your customers will always have access to your place of business. At times, using a temporary structure to access your business may be necessary while crews work on underground utilities.
Will the streets and sidewalks be open?
Business entrances will always be accessible. Main Street will be limited to one-way traffic for a block at a time during construction, but a flagger will be present to help direct car traffic and signage will help pedestrians know how to safely navigate the construction areas. 10th Street will be completely closed to traffic while it is being worked on, though businesses will still be accessible.
How is the landscape being improved?
The trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants that will dot downtown were carefully selected to enhance the look and feel of the city. Known for hardiness, the greenery chosen will thrive in our climate.
What pedestrian-friendly features will we see?
From curb extensions to mid-block crosswalks, our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere all within walking distance. You’ll see more benches for hanging out or for enjoying take-out lunch from one of your favorite spots, more lighting installed to keep walkways well lit, and so much more. Cyclists—we haven’t forgotten about you. More bicycle racks will be installed, providing a convenient place to park your wheels and cruise downtown by foot.
Where is the best place to park during construction?
While parking will be limited in and near the blocks that are undergoing renovations, parking just a block or two away should be readily findable and your health will appreciate you getting a few more steps in! Free parking is located along the rest of Main Street outside the construction zones during revitalization, and you’ll find open spots on the surrounding side streets, too. Downtown also offers parking in its garages for a nominal fee during the day and for free each weeknight from 6pm-7am and on weekends. For a map of Downtown’s parking options, visit:
Is there a way to check construction's progress online?
Wondering how you can keep tabs on what’s happening downtown? We can hook you up! Check here for updates on areas under construction, as well as what’s next on the agenda. If you’re a fan of before-and-after photos, will we have some dandies for you to peruse! Check back often.
Who can I contact if I have questions?
Fill out the contact form below, and someone will get back with you shortly.
Who do I contact for specific information?

You can reach out to Dennis Carson, Economic Development Director for the City of Lafayette, at

As a business owner, how do I explain the Main Street Streetscape project to my customers?
If you’re looking for the right words for customers to keep the excitement brewing for what’s to come, try this:

“Making over Main Street gives our great city an edge and generates an exciting feel that we are moving forward. Those sweet sounds of progress mean a new and improved Downtown is coming for you to enjoy, even more than you already do. Thank you for continuing to come see us during construction—I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your business.”

Is there a way to check on the progress via social media?
Absolutely! You can stay in the loop via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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