Main Street Streetscape Project Marketing – Main Street is Open for Business!

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the first project information and marketing meeting for the Main Street Streetscape project. We are excited to work with you to help you market your business and make the most of this opportunity. For those who could not attend, we want to provide you with information and the opportunity to participate in the marketing plan. Below, please find the following:



Dennis Carson, Economic Development Director, is the project lead. Dennis can be contacted for general project information and questions.


Brian Pohlar and Tim Busell, HWC Engineering. Brian is lead Project Engineer, and Tim is the Construction Inspector. Tim will be out in the field during construction and can handle issues and provide information, during the construction period. He may be contacting you directly for information such as building access.


Joe Ratcliff, Milestone Contractors. Joe is the construction Superintendent. Joe will be out in the field as well during the project, supervising his work crews. We would appreciate your directing any questions or concerns about construction to Joe, and any project related questions directed to Dennis Carson or Tim Bussell.


Danyelle Binko and Patrick Nycz, idc marketing. They are the marketing plan and committee leads. Danyelle will be the primary contact for marketing-related needs and questions.


Main Street Downtown Open For Business!

Marketing information and samples are linked below. This service is being provided at little to no cost (only cost to you would be printing of postcards). We encourage you to take advantage of these FREE services.


Marketing Request Form – Please complete this form and return it to idc marketing,,  as soon as possible, so that toolkit production can begin for your marketing campaign.


Open for Business signage – Samples are included. These will be provided to you at no charge.


Next Meeting – Our next meeting has not been scheduled, but we will let you know in advance so that you can make attendance plans.


Again, we are excited to work with you to assist you in your marketing efforts and to enhance downtown as a destination for residents and visitors to maximize your business potential. If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Downtown Project Team

Tony Roswarski, Mayor – City of Lafayette

Dennis H. Carson, Kara Bishop, Dave Griffee – City of Lafayette

Danyelle Binko, Patrick Nycz – IDC

Jo Wade, Lisa Morrow – Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette

Scott Walker, Cassidy Kitchel – Greater Lafayette Commerce

Brian Pohlar – HWC Engineering

Rob Cochran, Joe Ratcliff – Milestone Contractors


Presentation Slides