Weekly Update 11/10/2020

Concrete work continued last week (November 2 – 6) with the formation and pouring of the curb and gutter along the east side of N. 10th Street, followed by the formation and pouring of the new sidewalk along the east side of N. 10th St. between Main and Columbia Streets. The curb ramps on the southeast and southwest corners of 10th and Columbia were also poured, as well as the installation of the Tuftile ADA curb ramps. Huston Electric was onsite last week to install the electrical conduit on N. 10th Street. The brick pavers between the new sidewalk and the curb were installed by Decorative Paving. This week (November 9 – 15) will see the remaining concrete being poured for the curb ramps. Other work will consist of cleaning up the jobsite to prepare for final details! Crews will begin preparing the roadway for asphalt paving. Slussers will be onsite to install landscaping such as shrubs, ground cover, sod, and trees. Decorative Paving will finish their installation of brick pavers throughout the project, and weather permitting, will install decorative crosswalks.