Weekly Update 11/3/2020

Last week, (October 26 – October 30) saw the continuation of concrete work for Phase 3 of the Streetscapes Project for Downtown Lafayette. Work consisted of forming and pouring the curb and gutter along the east side of N. 10th Street, then continuing to pour the sidewalk along N. 10th Street between Main and Columbia Streets. Other concrete work consisted of pouring a concrete approach on the NE corner of Columbia and 10th Street. Insulated concrete blankets were used to ensure the concrete cured properly due to low temperatures overnight. Huston Electric was onsite again last week to install the electrical conduit on N. 10th St., in addition to setting the re-bar cage and pouring concrete streetlight bases along the east side of 10th Street.

This coming week, (November 2 – 6) will see crews continuing to pour back the sidewalk on N. 10th St. between Main and Columbia Streets, framing and pouring of the concrete approach for the alley along the east side of 10th Street., framing and pouring of a concrete curb ramp on the NE corner of Columbia and 10th Streets, followed by the curb ramps at the intersections of Columbia / 10th and Ferry / 10th Street. Should temperatures fall to or below freezing, insulated blankets will be placed on top of the freshly poured concrete to allow for proper curing.