Weekly Update (7/25/16 – 7/29/16)

We are one week into Phase 5, and the vision is becoming more real each day. Crews will be removing sidewalks and prepping tree soil between 5th and 6th –North side.

Finishing touches are already being made to 5th and 6th – South side as Phase 4 comes to a close.  While bike racks and trashcans are already in place, look for benches and planters in the next coming weeks.  Trees will be planted in the fall, which is optimal tree planting season.

Don’t forget:

  • 6th Street is closed until the end of August
  • As of Monday, July 18, traffic has flipped on 5th and 6th—North side

Looking ahead:

  • Phase 6 will begin on 6th-7th/8th streets – North side on Monday, August 22. 

Pokémon Go Greater Lafayette Business Guide

As most people have noticed, the excitement of Pokémon Go has pushed more people to get out and walk around the streets of Lafayette. Downtown Lafayette is especially lively!

With this new craze comes new ways to engage customers. This is why we created a guide for local business owners that provides fun tips to attract players.

View the guide here

before 5th-sixth

before pic downview

Corner of 6th and main south

Bistro Corner

downview of 5th-6th