The Project

Catch The Vision

It’s thrive time.


Down on Main Street

Eclectic? We’d rather call it an endless list of fun to be had. Historic architecture meets dynamic hot spots. Art, commerce and culture collide with sliding on your dancing shoes. Leave your 9-to-5 behind, and find too much of a good thing along our streets. From microbrews to marketplaces, you’ll find influences from around the globe all within walking distance. That’s the difference on Main Street.

Head to Downtown Lafayette, and have the time of your life—again and again.

Progress Starts Here

It’s time to show visitors and the people of this great city how Lafayette rocks their world. No fuss, but lots of frills. Rejuvenating Main Street will send energy into an area that already sizzles. But wait, there’s more. Giving downtown a shot in the arm gives it nothing but a competitive edge and an exciting future. Those sweet sounds of progress? Well, that’s music to our ears.


Speaking of ears… Pop on those earbuds and connect to Downtown’s free WiFi. Check out Ready Set Go Downtown for more details. Modern amenities meet timeless design for a great urban experience—only found downtown.



Phase 3